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Overcoming the pandemic to help others

Posted at 5:33 PM, Nov 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-26 17:33:09-05

QUEENSTOWN, Md. — At Haven Ministries in Queen Anne's County, they're continuing to try and help those in need.

"Since COVID we have had an increase of more than two times of people in need of food."

After loosing the help of seniors that went away due to the virus, the national guard had to step in to help with food giveaways. But those weren't the biggest problems.

"Raising funds is our primary difficulty because all of our fund raising events were canceled."

Added on to that, thrift shops that contributed closed down unable to withstand this COVID storm.

The Haven Ministries distributes about 10,000 pounds of food a month, but food is not the only thing they deal with here.

"We can do classes here like budget classes, parenting classes and other things and then we have in our resource center."

"If someone comes in and they have a need to talk to an attorney maybe about an eviction notice or something else, we will give them literature or something else to other programs. Anything they would need to just improve their lives."

Earlie Jackson has family at home expecting a holiday family meal and that puts the burden on her to produce that meal. A service like this lets her relax so she can enjoy the holidays with her family.

"You know, it takes off the pressure of what you don't have and you come in and you see things that can make that meal happen."

Here at Haven Ministries they will continue to take the pressure off those in need to make the holidays enjoyable for the whole family.