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Nottingham residents without water for days; growing frustrated with response to water main break

Nottingham residents without water for days; growing frustrated with response to water main break
Posted at 10:33 PM, Oct 13, 2021

NOTTINGHAM, Md. — They can’t cook, they can’t do the dishes and they can’t even take a shower.

That’s the situation for dozens of people in Nottingham who have been without water for three days.

“I mean. It’s ridiculous,” said resident Joe Davis, who has lived in the area for nearly 30 years. “This is the worst that I’ve seen.”

Davis said he had to go to the grocery store to get gallons of water because of the water issue.

“I went to Weis Market today and bought some big four-gallon jugs to cook with [and] to wash my face with. You know, we’re just hanging in,” he said.

Belmont South Community residents said the issue is because of a water main break, which has also caused erosion damage to Mitnick Rd.

Sonia West said she fears someone could get hurt.

“We’re being told if the water continue to run like this, there’s a chance that this [street] will cave in,” she said. “So, it will be more of a hazard and problem for the residents here.”

Neighbors said they’ve called about this issue for days, but they say their Homeowners Association is ignoring their concerns and instead pointing the finger at the city.

“Nobody will tell us how long we’re on going to be out of the water,” Davis said.

They said the HOA is telling them DPW is responsible to fix the problem, but the agency tells WMAR-2 News it’s the HOA’s job because the water main break is on private property.

West said the issue needs to be resolved quickly before it gets worse.

“To me, it doesn’t seem like they care about the problems or anything else that goes on in this here community,” West said.

Neighbors also said this isn't the first time they've had water issues. In fact, they said it happens about three or four times a year.

WMAR-2 News did speak with a board member of homeowner's association. We were told their property management company, First Service Residential, is responsible to fix the problem.

On Thursday, the HOA responded with the following statement:

The DWP began their investigation of the leak on Tuesday afternoon and determined Wednesday afternoon that the water break was somewhere on association property. Upon that determination, the Board worked with property management to hire a contractor to find the leak within the community.

While the cause of the leak is unknown, the contractor located the source of the break this morning on a private homeowner lot and repairs are currently underway to restore water to affected residences.

According to First Service Residential, the water has since been restored.