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Northwood Baseball League organizers blame Morgan State students for field damaged after unauthorized party

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Posted at 5:36 PM, May 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-03 19:15:39-04

BALTIMORE — A baseball field along the campus of Morgan State was damaged Monday night.

Now, the league organizers are accusing some students from the university of destructing the property.

The signs at the Northwood Baseball League field say private property.

However, people who manage the field, including Marques Dent, said on Monday evening a group of people ignored the signs had a party and damaged their field instead.

“We got back at about 8:50 and we noticed literally mayhem on our field," Dent said. "They were partying, but unfortunately, they had their vehicles, I’m talking ATVs and other vehicles, that were on our fields. It is hard to play baseball once you have those type of vehicles riding on the field."

Baseball league accuses Morgan State students of damaging field

Dent, the Northwood Baseball League Chairman, said when he and his players returned from an Orioles game Monday evening, they walked up to a party happening right on their field.

Cellphone videos from Monday night showed crowds of people who were parked on the baseball field trying to drive away over the grass.

Other field managers, including Mike Martin, who’s the Northwood Baseball League resident, said Baltimore City Police and Morgan State University campus police were called to disburse the crowd.

“Three officers from Morgan State responded to the call, then we have roughly four of the Northeast district police," Martin said. "We have a telephone post has been knocked over here. We have like dirt trails all through the field. It’s just trash everywhere. We came out this morning and cleaned up. The damage was minimum we were very grateful that it was minimum. They were riding the quads dirt bikes."

Morgan State students accused of damaging baseball field

The baseball field sits directly across the street from some of Morgan State University's student housing.

Northwood Baseball League organizers believe it’s some of the students causing the disruption on their field.

“There have been meetings with the Morgan State faculty, along with Northwood faculty, along with Northeast police district," Martin said. "We done have meetings as early as pretty much last year, late last year, about this whole situation."

Morgan State officials confirmed they are investigating the accusations being made against their students.

Organizers of the Northwood Baseball league are hopeful they can work together with the university to help stop this from happening again.

“This has been happening for years. This is not the first time this is happened but I would like it to be the last,” Dent said.

“This can’t be tolerated in this neighborhood. This is a safe haven for our kids,” Martin said.