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Non-profit hosts interactive virtual event for Veterans

Posted at 6:36 AM, Nov 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-10 07:37:47-05

BALTIMORE, md. — 14 days to Catch a Lift is happening now and more than halfway over. This is an online interactive so you can see firsthand the resources Catch a lift offers their veterans, especially during the pandemic.

The Catch a Lift Fund is a non-profit organization that helps post 9/11 injured veterans recover through fitness. They typically help a veteran for funding so they can join a gym or create a home gym. Because of the pandemic, most of the veterans are home and relying on the Landing Zone. The Landing Zone is an online platform that offers daily workouts, nutrition advice, daily motivation, weekly podcasts, etc.

"Even though we can’t see each other in a gym or can’t see each other for these events we’re still able to see each other and hear from each other and check in via podcast, via our landing zone which keeps an open dialogue and keeps the communication going so you’re not so alone," said Kristine Sandoval, the Events Director for CAL.

Through 14 days to Catch a Lift, you can participate in some of these resources. Each day, a different veteran talks about their service and what CAL means to them.

"I think it’s important for people to see where their money's gone. If you knew that 90 percent of every dollar you donated to CAL went into to building this online platform I think that’s a really proud donation," said Kristine Sandoval - events director

Since they're a non-profit they rely on donations to run, especially now since their in-person events were canceled due to Covid.

If you'd like to donate or just participate, head over to It's free to register! The online event ends on Friday, the anniversary of Army Cpl. Christopher Coffland's death, who inspired CAL. His sister, Lynn Coffland, created CAL in honor of her brother.