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Newly released dashboard cam footage shows October 9 police pursuit that turned deadly

Newly released dashboard cam footage shows October 9 police pursuit that turned deadly
Posted at 9:37 AM, Oct 27, 2021

BALTIMORE — Dashboard camera footage has been released of an October 9 police pursuit that turned deadly.

It all started around 2:46am when MDTA officer Theodore Jeremenko noticed a silver Monte Carlo go through a red light at the intersection of I-395 and Conway Street.

During the nine-minute video, Jeremenko can be heard telling the dispatcher that the driver may be impaired.

The driver is seen frequently weaving in and out of lanes at speeds fluctuating between 34 and 105 mph.

Multiple times throughout the entire incident, the driver either slows in the middle of highway traffic or rides on the shoulder with the car flashers on.

The driver seems at some point like he is going to take the Caton Avenue exit, but instead swerves back on to I-395 at the last second.

Jeremenko adjusts and continues to follow.

Soon after the driver abruptly switches lanes and slows down between two semi-trucks, while Jermenko maintains some distance in a separate lane.

Jermenko does not appear to turn on his overhead lights to officially attempt a traffic stop until the driver takes the I-95 south exit.

After a short period of time, the car pulls over just long enough for Jermenko to get out of the car and read off the tag.

It then flees, forcing Jermenko to get back in his cruiser and give chase.

Soon after, Jermenko finds that the car had crashed on Wilkens Avenue off the I-695 exit.

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Jermenko tells the dispatcher to call paramedics because the driver appeared to have been thrown from the vehicle and losing a lot of blood.

Police later confirmed the driver, Jawuan James Ginyard, died on scene. There is no word yet on why he fled or if he was impaired.

The investigation is still ongoing into Jermenko's actions.