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Newborn baby found abandoned in Glen Burnie woods with umbilical cord still attached

Posted at 2:16 PM, Jul 14, 2021

GLEN BURNIE, Md. — ---UPDATE 7/15---

Police say they've identified the mother of a newborn baby girl that was found abandoned July 14 in Glen Burnie.

The mother, whose name is being withheld, received medical treatment, crisis intervention and other resource access.

As of Thursday the infant is doing well and is healthy, according to police.


An abandoned newborn baby was discovered near a wooded area in Glen Burnie Wednesday morning.

Ted Rutherford was out around 5:45am, walking his dog on a bike path near the Harundale Mall on Greenway Road.

He heard a sound, but didn't know where or what it was.

A boy walking by went in the woods to check, and said "it's a baby."

"The placenta and all the, you know, the fluids and all were in like a grocery bag, A little plastic bag and it was tied up around the umbilical cord," said Rutherford.

Anne Arundel County Police were called to help.

"It appeared to be a newborn child, umbilical cord still attached," said police spokesman, Marc Limansky.

Right now the baby girl is being treated at a local hospital.

"Thankfully the child is still alive. It was suffering from some injuries due to being in contact with the brush, some bushes, scrapes, abrasions, that sort of thing," said Limansky.

Police still aren't sure who left the infant behind, but are actively investigating.

"This investigation will continue now to determine who committed this act and hopefully we will be able to bring some closure to it," Limansky said.

Maryland is a safe haven state, meaning any adult can drop a newborn off to a police station or hospital without being criminally charged.