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New masks helping Queen Anne's County pharmacy

Posted at 5:42 PM, Aug 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-21 17:42:06-04

CENTREVILLE, Md. — Finding personal protection equipment has been one of the biggest challenges in this pandemic, masks have been especially difficult but now they’re back, back with a purpose and a little style.

Mandy Leager works are Edwards Pharmacy in Centreville on the Eastern Shore. Queen Anne’s County has only a little more than 500 cases of the coronavirus, yet they have lost 6 customers to the virus so far.

They had trouble finding masks like everyone else, but now they have new ones in and they have become popular.

"You just stick it on and now you can see me talking and you can see my smile. So, you have coverage in a mask, and you can see my smile…doesn’t get any better than that."

It does get better than that. They are washable and they come in several colors. As a small-town pharmacy, they spend a lot of time their customers.

"Being a small-town pharmacy, that’s how we communicate with people, up close and personal and that’s changed all of this with COVID, so this is a game changer."

It was a game changer for one of their deaf customers. Leager is the only person the customer can read lips from.

"Her daughter actually stopped in yesterday to pick up one for her. Unfortunately, she’s sick and at a facility right now, but she took one tom her so she will be able to communicate with the nurses there."

Mandy tells us the pharmacy has sent some masks to the nurses.

They’ve had these masks for three days now and they have sold more than 40 already.