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'My eyes are on the sparrow' Neighbors target vacant property that's turned into a trash pad

Baltimore vacant home
Posted at 4:12 PM, Sep 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-28 19:14:35-04

BALTIMORE — An East Baltimore neighborhood contacted WMAR-2 News concerned about a corner lot on Kenwood Avenue that's been turned into an illegal dumping site.

"They need to clean it up," said Queen Payton.

Payton has lived on the block since 1985.

"My eyes are on the sparrow," she said. "I work this alley over here. Now if you put something down in that alley and you let me see you I’m calling 311 on you and telling them exactly where you live and I will."

And she has. Unfortunately, the property owner of 800 North Kenwood has been avoiding the glare of the neighborhood hawk.

According to a city spokesperson the property owner, who lives on York Road, has the Kenwood address listed as a rental property.

It appears no one is listing it and rightfully so. The place is boarded up and the backyard has become an illegal dumping site for garbage and bulk trash.

"It brings rats. It makes the neighborhood look terrible," said neighbor Sheryl Kawalek. "People who live here don’t want it and it would be nice if everybody just treated the neighborhood like they treat their houses and hopefully they hope enough to keep their house neat and clean."

That's still not the case with 800 Kenwood.

Neighbors tell WMAR 311 has been contacted. In the past the property owner had the back yard fenced in with wood.

"But someone just lit it on fire," said one neighbor.

WMAR has reached out to both the Department of Public Works and the Department of Housing and Community Development.

A spokesperson said they are looking into the matter and hope to have a resolution.

WMAR will continue to work to make sure city crews clean up the lot.

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