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More on Maryland suspect in violent domestic assault

University of Delaware student arrested in Ocean City in July
Brandon Freyre
Posted at 4:16 PM, Oct 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-14 18:26:00-04

ARNOLD, Md. — It is a domestic abuse case that has struck a nerve at the University of Delaware.

“Abusers beware! Violence ain’t welcome here!” student protestors chanted earlier this week.

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The message is clear, but it comes too late for 20-year-old Brandon Freyre’s ex-girlfriend after he allegedly struck her with blunt objects, choked her into unconsciousness and spray painted her face over a four-hour period before pushing her down a flight of stairs as she finally escaped his off-campus apartment.

“I was scared. I feel like we all were,” said Maddie Pascarelli, a student from Long Island. “Hearing that it happened where we live and go to school. It’s kind of terrifying.”

According to charging documents, three months earlier, Freyre had a run in with police in Ocean City responding to a report of a drunk and disorderly patron at a place called the Cowboy Coast.

An officer was ready to let him leave the establishment after he admitted to purchasing alcohol with his brother’s ID when he allegedly started acting belligerent, yelling at the cop and bumping into passersby.

He eventually got off with probation before judgment.

Freyre told the court he lives with his father, and we spoke briefly off-camera with Joseph Freyre at his high-end townhouse in the golf community of St. Andrews in Arnold.

The suspect’s father was visibly emotional about the allegations surrounding his son and says there is more to this story, which will eventually surface, but he’s not ready to share it at this time.