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More officers brought in after violence this week at Aberdeen High School

More officers brought in after violence this week at Aberdeen High School
Posted at 3:48 PM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-09 06:48:46-05

ABERDEEN, Md. — On Monday morning, police say a handful of female students, angered by their treatment at the hands of some male students, decided to do something about it at Aberdeen High School.

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“A flyer was circulated in the school. It identified certain individuals that were alleged to have committed harassment and sexual assaults,” said Aberdeen Police Lt. Will Reiber. “As a result of those individuals being identified, another juvenile took it upon themselves to take justice for the alleged victims and assaulted one of those that were named on the flyer.”

That same day, three male students stomped down another in an unrelated assault with potential gang ties and a shooting threat surfaced at the high school, which was later determined to be unfounded.

While police have made three arrests in connection with the fights that morning, they have brought in reinforcements for their lone school resource officer assigned there as tensions have risen in the school.

“The police department has increased our manpower at the high school beginning Monday,” said Reiber. “We’re fluctuating anywhere from five to eight officers at any given time during school operations.”

For everything that has happened at the school, police say rumors of lawless students running amuck and raping other students are simply not true.

“We have never had a report within the last several years of a rape occurring within the school so that word is being circulated,” said Reiber. “We have had sexual assaults that have occurred in the school. Those allegations have been investigated and when appropriate, they’re charged.”

Police say the additional officers will remain at the school at least through this week, and any future needs for added security will be assessed thereafter.