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Missing person posters of Mayor Scott, City Council President Mosby plastered across Baltimore

Residents show displeasure with City's crime response
Posted at 10:45 PM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 00:09:36-04

BALTIMORE — Missing person posters with the faces of Mayor Brandon Scott and City Council President Nick Mosby are popping up around Baltimore.

Those fliers underscore residents’ frustrations with city leadership as violent crime continues to run rampant across the city.

As of Wednesday night, police are investigating 151 murders this year.

These posters are found at bus stops, city intersections and even outside of City Hall.

They’re sending a clear message to city leadership, and specifically the mayor and council president, that what’s happening in Baltimore is unacceptable.

The posters were shared across social media.

“They’re frustrated. They’re angry,” said Dr. Marvin Cheatham, a lifelong Baltimore resident.


Cheatham, the president of the Matthew Henson Neighborhood Association in West Baltimore, said he understands why residents are so upset.

A triple shooting happened in Dr. Cheatham’s community more than a week ago.

He’s the president of the Matthew Henson neighborhood association, an area in West Baltimore that just experienced a triple shooting a little over a week ago.

“This is the worst we ever had,” Cheatham said. “I think we are going to have more homicides this year than we ever had.”

Police respond to quadruple shooting in East Baltimore

Dr. Cheatham said he doesn’t support putting these kinds of signs up attacking the city’s elected officials.

But he said he does agree with residents' anger aimed at the city’s leadership and what he calls their failure to address crime.

“They need to do better and they need to do more, and right now they are a failure,” Cheatham said.

So far this year, there’s been more than 150 homicides, once again putting city on pace to surpass 300.

Last year, Mayor Scott released a crime plan with a goal to reduce violent crime by 15 percent.

Police commissioner Michael Harrison also sent city council a short-term crime plan on how the department will curb violence.

But Cheatham feels these plans aren’t working.

He said the people of Baltimore need immediate solutions.

“We need help. And help isn’t coming,” Cheatham said.

Dr. Cheatham said he feels Mayor Brandon Scott and City Council President Nick Mosby aren’t listening to the community.

He thinks they won’t come up with the right solutions until residents are brought to the table.