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Marylanders say ending the gas tax holiday will put many in financial stress

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Posted at 3:05 PM, Apr 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-08 17:07:13-04

Last month, when gas prices skyrocketed, lawmakers passed emergency legislation to give Maryland drivers a break at the gas pump, but now that break is coming to an end.

Mark your calendars, because April 16 is when the tax break is ending.

Some people may wonder why it's ending? Well, lawmakers expressed that millions of dollars were already lost because of the tax decrease and if the break were to continue it would impact other things Maryland needs to succeed.

"We want to give the public relief. However, it is costing our transportation fund that takes care of highway projects and bridge projects $100 million a month," Delegate Steve Johnson of District 34A said.

Harry Meade, who owns a trucking business in Baltimore thinks they should still find a way to extend it.

"Make the proper decisions. Stop looking elsewhere and look at the people that are living in Maryland that have to survive in Maryland," Meade said.

"I think they need to reconsider the decisions they're making, and reconsider the effect on families, you know, the ordinary citizens," Evelyn Cavanaugh said.

According to AAA Mid Atlantic, today's average gas price for Maryland is $3.75 a gallon, compared to a month ago when the gas tax holiday wasn't a thing, Marylanders we're paying about 44 cents more.

"For families with children, I think it’ll be almost impossible to meet expenses," Cavanaugh said.

AAA Mid Atlantic recommends these tools to help drivers' safe money on gas: