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Maryland drivers voice their concerns as gas reaches $5

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Posted at 4:24 PM, Jun 09, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-09 18:55:05-04

BALTIMORE — For months people watched the gas prices climb, but now as prices reach five dollars in Maryland, residents say something needs to be done.

"These prices are tearing me up. I can barely do anything. Everything is going up except our paychecks. Something needs to be done. Leaders need to help those who already struggling," said Anthony Haley, Baltimore resident.

Maryland's current gas price average is $5.00. That's up 37 cents from a week ago, 60 cents from a month ago, and $1.98 from a year ago. Baltimore and Salisbury are seeing the highest gas prices in Maryland.

"$30 would normally fill up my tank, but now I’m not even at half a tank with $30. Its really crazy and I hope something changes," said Eric Wheeler, Baltimore resident.

People are also ditching their summer plans. A lot of Marylander's say they just can't afford it.

"I'm not really taking any vacations this summer. I am not doing road trips either. The gas is way too high. I paid seventy dollars to fill up. I never done that before," said Amy Davidson, Baltimore County resident.

The war in Ukraine is driving up the cost, along with the higher price in crude oil, and according AAA Mid-Atlantic, gas prices may go even higher than what it is.

"There are certainly a few things that motorists and consumers can do to try to offset some of these prices, first and foremost, making sure that your car is properly maintained and making sure that your tires have proper inflation, these are things that play a part in fuel efficiency, also making sure that when you are driving that you're driving the speed limit for every five miles per hour one drives over 60 miles per hour is equivalent to burning an additional 15 cents per gallon," said Ragina Ali, AAA Mid-Atlantic, Spokesperon.

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