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Man shot by police officer believed to be suspect in several criminal investigations

Posted at 4:56 PM, May 14, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-14 17:36:58-04

BALTIMORE — On Friday, Baltimore City Police said the suspect from Thursday night’s police involved shooting was released from the hospital and transferred to Central Booking.

Police have charged the individual with 2nd degree assault and numerous traffic violations.

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"At this time, we will not be releasing his name nor his photo as he is a suspect in several other criminal investigations and doing so may hinder those investigations," said a department spokesperson.

As WMAR-2 News has reported, the individual was shot in the shoulder after an officer fired two shots at the vehicle he was in.

The incident took place Thursday night in the parking lot Collington Commons Apartments on East Biddle Street. The incident was recorded on two police body worn cameras.

"When the driver of the suspected vehicle police saw the police officers he put the car in motion and began to drive and begin to drive toward the police officer," said Harrison. "At some point he was driving towards the officer and struck the officer head-on which we have now seen for ourselves on one of the officers body cam video. It appears right as the officer was being struck by the vehicle, head on the officer fired what we believe is two shots to the front windshield."

Officials said that officers came into contact with the armed robbery suspect through “good investigative work."

Despite the charges, one community leader told WMAR he doesn't believe the driver intentionally meant to hurt the officer.

"I can't say what was in his mind at that time," said Munir Buhar, executive director of COR Health Institute. "I know he's not a crazy, wild kid who puts other people's lives in jeopardy. It was probably out of fear."

Buhar said he learned of the Indvidual's alleged involvement Friday morning, adding he was involved in a number of community run programs.

"When he worked he was focused," said Buhar. "He was one of my best workers. He worked with our Clean Street program, so he helped clean this area neighborhood up."

Baltimore Police have activated their body camera release policy as per the investigation.