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Kindness Kits hope to start positive movement in Maryland

Posted at 5:32 PM, Oct 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-19 17:33:01-04

BALTIMORE — With all the chaos happening in the world, still being in a global pandemic and so close to the presidential election, one organization wanted to spread some kindness.

SECU is giving out kindness kits to help spread some positivity. There are post cards and stamps so you can send letters to someone, like a healthcare worker or a teacher dealing with virtual learning.

There are kindness cards with quotes on them you can just leave on someone's windshield or put in their mailbox when you're out on a walk. There are even some activities for kids to participate, like sidewalk to spread some joy for everyone to enjoy or rocks you can paint and place around your neighborhood!

"We were thinking what is the positive message we want to spread and kindness just kept circling around all of our conversations and we are really thrilled to see how the community embraces this and shows their acts of kindness," said Becky Smith, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for SECU. "The idea of kindness is incredibly small but can have such a great impact so kindness from us can be anything to delivering a note to the mailman with a positive message to donating to your favorite foundation. So for us it’s almost like starting a movement to change the narrative to something a little more positive."

SECU employees kicked off this movement last week and are now asking community members to join in.

"We all need a little bit of kinder right now in the world. We just want to make sure through SECU and SECUMD foundation that we make a ripple effect that goes further than the actual act itself. So coming together, as a company and with the community, we think it will create a lot of kindness and smiles throughout the state," said Sarah Ryan, Head of Community Engagement at SECU.

To learn more just go to and when you finish an act of kindness post on social media using #secukindness.