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Just two weeks after the gas tax holiday ended residents still express their frustration

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Posted at 4:14 PM, May 05, 2022

BALTIMORE — It’s been a little over two weeks since Maryland's gas-tax holiday ended, and a lot of drivers are still frustrated.

Some people expressed today that they can't even afford to drive to work.

“It's just so hard. A lot of working families struggle as it is. I wish state leaders could so something to help," said resident Beverly Franklin.

A lot of people are struggling with these prices and AAA Mid-Atlantic says it’ll be this way for a while.

As of Thursday, May 5, the gas price average is $4.28, which is seven cents more than last week.

Some people expressed they’re already struggling to stay afloat because of inflation, and with the added stress of high gas prices, it's hard for some people to survive.

“I went from buying $60 of gas a week to about $120 just to get back and forth to work. I tried to fill up my tank right now and realized I don't have enough,” said resident Davon Booth.

“I never paid attention to gas prices until this year. It's ridiculous. Food is high, gas is really high, the cost of living in Baltimore is getting high, it's just rough,” said Franklin.

With summer around the corner, many people expressed that until they see relief at the pump they’re putting their travel plans on hold.

“There will be no road trips for me and any light traveling. I just can't afford it,” said Towson University student Jean Germain.

“If your vehicle does not require higher octane, there's certainly no reason to use it. Another thing is making sure you're observing the speed limit that you're not driving aggressively. For every five miles per hour one goes over 60 miles per hour, it's equivalent to spending an extra 15 cents per gallon. So, drive sensibly and make sure that way you're helping to save your own gas," said Ragina Ali, Spokesperson for AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Drivers can find the cheapest gas in their area here: