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'It's not safe to walk on the sidewalk': Large ice patch causing problems in N. Baltimore neighborhood

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Posted at 8:55 PM, Dec 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-27 23:17:21-05

BALTIMORE — Imagine walking outside to get in your car parked in front of your house only to find it stuck in a patch of ice. Looks like you're going nowhere.

That happened to one man in North Baltimore and he says the city has taken its time to address this reoccurring issue.

It's a slippery slope on the 2400 block of West Cold Spring Lane, where a small patch of water streams down the road, eventually causing this large chunk of ice.

People who live in front of this icy pit are just asking the city to make it stop.

"Once it gets below freezing, we're going to have this same problem," said Benjamin Jones, who lives off the 2400 block of West Cold Spring Lane.

Jones says when winter hits so does the ice. The water streaming down the street comes from a small hole in the sidewalk a few houses up.

When temps drop, the water freezes and Jones' tires gets stuck in a block of ice.

“It's stuck, you can't move it. Suppose you have an emergency, you can't go to the hospital, store, nothing,” said Jones.

That's the first of many of his concerns.

"It's spreading out and it don't take but one slip from someone's car for them to hit a parked car," Jones added.

It becomes a hazard not only to drive, but also to walk.

"When we see people coming, we tell them to walk on the grass because it's not safe to walk on the sidewalk,” said Jones.

Jones says he reached out to the city Monday to report the problem.

"I called 3-1-1 and they gave me a confirmation number.”

After seeing no action, he called again Tuesday, but still ended the evening with a block of ice in front of his house.

"You can still see the problem here, I haven't seen no salt out there,” Jones said.

WMAR reached out to the Department of Public Works Tuesday evening, less than an hour later, someone from DPW was at the 2400 Block of West Cold Spring Lane to investigate the issue.

Jones says this has been happening for a couple years now.

The DPW Public Information Officer says DPW will be the ones to fix the problem once they find where the water leak is coming from.