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'It's not fair what they're doing to us': Walker-Daniels House tenants still facing harsh living conditions

Walker-Daniel House
Posted at 10:48 PM, Jan 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-20 17:46:38-05

UPDATE: We spoke with Wallace H Campbell & Company and they told us "We were settled to be the new property manager but decided not to move forward. There is no professional property manager at this time. We collected a handful of checks from tenants and handed them over to the owner."

These were all checks for rent.


This time last year, we told you about an apartment building in Northwest Baltimore where the tenants felt forgotten.

Living in dangerous conditions with rats, mold, water damage. And when they reached out to the property management for help, there was silence.

Some say they're still living with the same problems but worse.

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A closed meeting was held Thursday night with the tenants of the Walker-Daniels Apartment Building, where organizers heard concerns and are planning the next steps in taking action.

Imagine waking up in the middle of the night to find a rat running across the floor. Or water leaking down the walls, flooding the apartment, mold growing on the vents.

Those are just a few of the issues tenants are dealing with who live at 2100 Madison Avenue.

"These two buildings are unsafe, it's uninhabitable to live," said one tenant.

Signs of the building falling apart can be found everywhere you look. An apartment meant for senior citizens has turned into a hazardous environment.

No landlord, no manager and some say the door doesn't always lock.

This allowed for illegal drug activity from people off the streets.

"We were trying to go down the steps, we could not get out because there was a guy that was sitting at the door high and he was out of it,” said tenant Margaret Little.

Towner Management Company are the previous property managers who residents would contact for maintenance requests. But as WMAR told you last year, those requests continued to get ignored.

In December, a letter was given to all residents, starting January 1, Wallace H Campbell & Company would be the new management team.

A change residents say occurs all too often.

"Every two months or a month we had a new manager, I never knew who the manager was, I don't even have a lease,” said tenant Cora Williams.

Another tenant, Andre Brown, said "It's not fair what they're doing to us and I had the state up here at least three times already and they still didn't fix nothing.”

Each tenant has the same issue with a different story of mildew, mold, rats, water damage, illegal drug activity, etc.

WMAR reached out to the new management company Wallace H Campbell & Company and have yet to hear back.