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'It's more expensive to eat healthy': Higher prices make eating healthy hard

Posted at 7:56 PM, Sep 20, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-20 23:13:27-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY — Gas prices are going down, but grocery prices are still going up. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, last month, the price of groceries went up 13 percent more than last year.

People say they're making a lot of financial adjustments, which has caused many to adjust their diet.

"It's more expensive to eat healthy so we had to make major changes," said Baltimore County resident Kim Bivenns.

Everyday grocery items have skyrocketed, the price of bread increased 16 percent more than last year, milk increased by 17 percent and meat, which is one of the key factors, increased by 20 percent.

"I would like to do more steaks and, and things like that but, we've just had to make a lot of major changes in terms of what foods to prepare and things like that, so it's unfortunate because you want to eat well the older you get. You want to eat well, you want to eat healthy, but it's just so much more expensive," said Bivenns.

"We go grocery shopping like every two weeks. We just get as much as we can for those two weeks, then come back again. We just try to budget, with prices going up," said Kylah Whittmayer, Baltimore County resident.

Budgeting is on many people's mind, as they try to come up with creative ways to stay afloat. Rodney Williams has a family of five.

He says on average, his grocery shopping runs him about three to four hundred dollars, which is why he goes the extra mile so he doesn't break his pockets.

"I'm shopping with coupons. I'm taking the time to cut them out, I'm looking online to see where I can save, and I also don't shop at just one supermarket. I shop at various supermarkets," said Williams.

The USDA believes grocery prices will continue to rise, so financial experts recommends people follow these saving tips:

- Check what you already have and make a list
Oftentimes people go to the grocery store without checking what they have at home, then end up buying multiple items they did not need.

- Look for coupons in newspapers and online
Coupons can help you save a few bucks or help you obtain good deals

- Create a grocery list and stick to it
Create a list of all the important items you need and stick to that list while your shopping.

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