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‘It’s from my heart’: After three line of duty deaths, 7-year-old thanks firefighters

Posted at 6:28 PM, Jan 27, 2022

BALTIMORE — At 7 years old, Keagan Parham sat up in the middle of the night to do something special, something he’s hopeful Engine 14 firefighters in Baltimore will cherish forever.

“He was like I can’t sleep. He said you know those fire fighters who lost their lives? I said yea. It’s very sad, he said I know. I just can’t go back to sleep and I decided to make them some cards and I said come back in a couple of hours and tell me about them because I wanted to go back to sleep,” shared Jasmine Watson-El, Keagan’s Mom

What Keagan showed her a couple of hours later had her in awe for her sons sense of compassion.

“I was like look at all of the details that you out into the cards. It was like you were there at the fire scene,” she said.

“I would say to them I made it with my heart and nothing else,” said Keagan.

“They’re shooting water into the burning building and there’s also one here and here,” he explained describing one of the cards he made.

Keagan was in class when he learned that 3 firefighters died Monday after being trapped in a engulfed vacant home.

“So I started making cards. If you want to see this you can. This is a burning house that’s on fire, the fire truck and a fireman,” he said.

He says he remembers a few firefighters coming to his school and they left a strong impression him.

“They were really nice. They were happy to see me and happy to see children like me get a chance to take pictures with them up close and pretty much all of that,” Keagan recalled.

And he’s hopeful what he’s created for them will lift their spirits.

“I hope they feel better if I give these cards to them in action and I wish they feel good and not feel sad,” said Keagan

That compassion and sympathy for those enduring an unthinkable tragedy is something both he and his mom share.

“I feel for them and I know firefighters personally and from him doing the cards for y’all I just want y’all to know that from 100 year old down to a 7 year old, we care and we are so sorry for your loss and I hope that these cards just help you to know that someone is with you and walking beside you to say thank you so much," said Keagan mother.

Keagan is prayerful his message in the cards is well received from Baltimore City firefighters and the entire city.

“To spread the message and be tested in the desert to keep spreading love all over the world and never stop,” he shared.