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Investigators fear additional victims in former youth sports coach case

 Michael Vincent Bonczewski
Posted at 9:34 PM, Aug 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-05 23:11:16-04

CARROLL COUNTY, Md. — A former youth sports coach at several schools in the area is in jail Thursday night, facing child sexual assault charges.

A victim, who is now 24-years old said the man sexually assaulted him between 150 and 200 times over several years.

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Right now, investigators said only one victim has come forward but fear there could be more.

Kathryn Marsh is a career prosecutor whose worked in counties across Maryland.

She child abuse and sexual assault cases.

She and her partner run Right Response Consulting and the No Grey Zone Podcast.

“Have the conversations early with your children,” Marsh said. “We basically recommend starting about age 3 with just simple topics of my body my choice. Letting a child develop body autonomy. If they don’t want to hug aunt Sue they don’t need to hug aunt Sue.”

On Wednesday, Carroll County Police arrested 38-year-old Michael Bonczewski.

The charges stem from a victim who played football for the North Carroll Titans and at Manchester Valley High School.

Bonczewski was an assistant coach at the schools at the time and has worked or volunteered in schools and leagues in Carroll, Baltimore and York County Pennsylvania.

“We also learned that he was asked to leave other organizations for inappropriate social media contact with juveniles where he made similar requests and advancement towards young boys that he made towards our victim,” said Carroll County Sheriff Jim DeWees.

Sadly Marsh says the stranger danger mentality is dated because in most cases child sexual assault is done by someone the survivor knows.

“We need to be willing to be open to say this could be somebody that you know, that you love, that you trust, but it’s still okay to tell me. You’re not going to be in trouble. To have that conversation too early so that children know if something happens even by somebody who’s a loved one or a trusted coach or anybody else that their parents are going to believe them. That they will be able to tell them and get support and help.”

Anyone who believes that they or their child may have been a victim of Bonczewski is asked to call the Sheriff's Office Tips line at 443-373-1684 or email Detective McMillion at