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Petition calls for Mayor Catherine Pugh's resignation

Posted at 11:16 PM, Apr 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-04-19 09:27:27-04

BALTIMORE, MD. — "It’s of the people. It’s by the people. We’re supposed to be more involved," said Cristi Demnowicz. That's why she's speaking up now.
She created a website,, calling for Mayor Catherine Pugh to step down as mayor for the City of Baltimore. Right now, Mayor Pugh is on medical leave but Demnowicz doesn't want her to come back.

Demnowicz explained she just wants whats best for the city of Baltimore, the city she's called home for the last 20 years.
"Even though we’ve had corruption in the past it’s never been quite this obvious," said Demnowicz.

Mayor Pugh is under fire for the controversy surrounding her Healthy Holly children's book deals.

"If she broke any laws are still to be determined but as far as a community trust perspective, what she did was not transparent," said Demnowicz. She said she wants Mayor Pugh to resign on her own fruition, she wants her to cooperate with an investigation and she wants her to turn in anyone else who was involved.

Most importantly, Demnowicz wants the community to be speak up. She said, "if we don’t get involved with what we want our future government to look like we may not like what it looks like in 5-10 years." She added, "everybody has something to offer to the greater community and everybody, if we work together we actually can change things."

So far, the petition has around 500 signatures. Demnowicz said she plans on sending an email to everyone who signed the petition to start a bigger conversation "to make our city government more transparent, more accountable to the people and really put the people at the center of the power structure."