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In 2022, Anne Arundel County students in close contact with COVID case wont have to quarantine

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 16, 2021

ANNE ARUNDEL COUNTY, Md. — As we head into the holidays, there are some more changes for public schools in Anne Arundel County.

Currently, if your name comes up as a close contact, a student has to quarantine.

Anne Arundel County schools have a little more than 2,300 students in quarantine because of close contact tracing. That policy is about to change.

That means, if you don't have any COVID symptoms, you can come to school. As with most of the school policies, people have different opinions.

"I really think it's tough to be too careful. This is serious, I think they can bring it home and give it to parents or grandpartents," said one individual.

Bill Conn and his wife made the decision long before the pandemic to home school their children. He and his wife may have doubted their decision to home school but, they feel they made the right decision now.

"I see the kids are not getting the education they really need because of all the distractions and with the online and in class, they battle that. At the end of the day I think the kids are losing out," Conn said.

Other surrounding counties have made system wide changes, here in Anne Arundel County they are going to try it a little different.

"What we are talking about is program by program decisions, right, a sports team in high school or a drama club or a concert that might have to be postponed or may have to shut down in the case of a sports team for a little bit of time," said Bob Mosier with Anne Arundel County Schools.

The pandemic has presented many challenges over the last two years and those challenges will continue to evolve.

"The pandemic is not a static thing, right, it changes from day to day and sometimes hour to hour or so we're trying to change with it."