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‘I broke down and I cried’: Community rallies around Baltimore business burglarized three times in as many weeks

Posted at 11:29 PM, Aug 25, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-25 23:29:51-04

BALTIMORE — The community is rallying around a Baltimore business owner whose food truck was burglarized three times in as many weeks.

Darrell Mason, who owns Smacking Seafood on Reisterstown Road, said the latest burglary happened on Sunday. He said the thieves stole a generator, burners, pots and pans and items belonging to his kids.

“I broke down and I cried. I called the police. They did do fingerprints. I hope they get to the bottom of it.”

Mason said the first time his business was hit was a few weeks ago when he was in Alabama for his aunt’s funeral.

“They trashed this place,” he said. “I don’t know why. I’m young. 30-years-old [and] trying to do something positive and they treat me like this.”

Mason said the series of break-ins put him in the hole for about 7,000 dollars.

“It gets discouraging after a while,” he said.

Mason created Smacking Seafood about a year ago.

“I woke up one morning saying I want to sell crabs,” Mason

He worked his way up from a tent to eventually being able to buy his food truck, which all happened in about a year.

“This is my home. This is my livelihood,”‘ he said.

The business provides for his family, but it also keeps him away from the streets in a city where many struggle to find their way.

“I love people who say, ‘you own a business’ and I say yeah I own a business.”

For this self made entrepreneur, the break-ins almost made him want to pack up and leave the Northwest Baltimore neighborhood. But, the community wouldn’t let that happen.

Mason said his customers have been supporting him even more after they heard about the burglaries.

“They like don’t worry about it. We have your back. And for everybody to do that and they’re still donations coming in to this day to help me get a generator and do better,” he said.

So far, Mason said he’s received about $300. He said he’s never asked for any of the donations, but added the love he’s received is overshadowing the hate he’s endured over the past several weeks.

He said their support is motivation he needed to continue operating a business he worked so hard to build.

“And I’m the type where I will never give up,” he said. You can’t make me give up. There’s nothing you can do.”

Mason said he filed a police report. He’s hoping police find whoever is responsible.