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Gun violence survivor says Baltimore needs to 'come together' to end bloodshed across the city

Gun violence survivor says Baltimore needs to “come together” to end bloodshed across the city
Posted at 9:16 PM, May 31, 2021

BALTIMORE — In a span of eight years, Lisa Molock said she lost the love of her life, her niece and god daughter to gun violence.

“When we lose our loved one, it cuts deep,” she said.

It’s pain she carries with her to this very day and so does at least 130 families who lost loved ones to gun violence in Baltimore so far this year.

“You never really get over it,” she said.

In an effort to raise awareness on the issue and help survivors heal, Molock’s organization Let’s Thrive Baltimore and others such as Moms Demand Action tied orange ribbons to fences in four parks across the city to remember and honor gun violence victims.

“These ribbons with our loved one's name on it helps us live on. It helps us get through it,” she said.

The event was a part of the Wear Orange Campaign. It’s a national movement fighting to end gun violence.

“We stand in solidarity with them. We stand shoulder to shoulder with these people who have had those loses,” said Elaine Arndt, who is a volunteer with Moms Demand Action. “We are taking action. People need to know this is not in vain.

National Gun Violence Awareness is also on Friday. People across the country are being asked to wear orange as a part of Wear Orange Weekend to continue raising awareness about the public health crisis.

Molock is calling for no murders in the city on Friday as a show of unity.

“We’re seeing the change and we can stop this bloodshed but its going to take a multitude of things. It’s not going to take one. It’s going to take all of us to come together.”

Wear Orange Weekend will be held from June 4th to June 6th.