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Gov. Hogan announces measures to prevent attacks against Asian-Americans in Maryland

Posted at 6:31 PM, Mar 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-22 18:31:29-04

ELLICOTT CITY — "As a husband and a father, I am sickened by the racism that my wife and daughters and their friends have had to contend with throughout their lives."

Governor Larry Hogan and the first lady came to the Princess Shopping Center in Ellicott City to do some shopping at Asian owned businesses.

The first lady is the first Korean first lady of Maryland. Governor Hogan came here to also bring awareness to the consternation Asians in Maryland have felt since the pandemic began. Hogan says this hits close to home and the attacks have been recent.

"Our youngest daughter told us she was afraid to drive to us with our youngest granddaughter and the occupant screamed racial slurs at her," said Hogan.

Gov. Hogan says they are issuing awareness bulletins to the Asian community to ensure their safety and Hogan is encouraging anyone witnessing hate crimes against Asians to report those crimes.

"Nearly 1/3 of all Asian Americans say they have experienced some form of discrimination since the pandemic began," said Hogan.

Yummy Hogan is a first generation Korean American and she says she is just as proud of her American background as she is of her Korean heritage.

"Our stories are American stories and American stories are our stories," said Yummy.

Gov. Hogan say he's disgusted by what he's witnessed against his family and other Marylander's by hateful Asian rhetoric.

Hogan says we will take some actions to make sure it's safe for all Maryland Asian Americans.

"I have directed the Maryland State police and all state law enforcement agencies to immediately increase their enhanced visibility patrols add to provide increase protection for members of our Asian community," said Hogan.