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Feds indict 15 "Cruddy Conniving Crutballs" allegedly responsible for 40+ homicides, attempted murders in Baltimore

Feds indict 15 members of Baltimore gang allegedly responsible for 40+ homicides, attempted murders
Posted at 12:08 PM, Jun 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-09 09:47:22-04

BALTIMORE — A federal grand jury has indicted 15 alleged members of a Baltimore gang accused of participating in violent racketeering and drug conspiracies.

Prosecutors say at least 11 members of the Triple C gang played some role in a wide range of crimes since 2015, that included 18 murders and more than 27 attempted murders.

They have been identified as Correy Cawthorn, Desmond Butler, Darrell Carter, Michael Chester, Darien Coleman, Gary Creek, Richard Grier, Dayon Jeter, Raekwon McMann, Rashaud Nesmith and Tyeshawn Rivers.

Triple C stands for Cruddy Conniving Crutballs, and they operated throughout Baltimore City running street-level drug shops in the Darley Park and Orchard Ridge neighborhoods.

They were reportedly founded by one of the indicted suspects, Gary Creek, as an alternative to the Black Guerilla Family gang.

Creek allegedly accepted contracts for the gang to carry out murders. Carter and Cawthorn were high ranking members, according to prosecutors.

Creek, Carter and Cawthorn
(L-R) Creek, Carter and Cawthorn

Members apparently used social media, jail calls and rap songs to communicate with each other as well as to threaten those who stood in their way.

Knowing that jail calls are recorded, incarcerated Triple C members and associates allegedly made calls using other inmates account numbers to conceal their identities.

“This violent street gang committed more than 40 homicides and attempted murders in total. This is not about numbers – each of those shootings represents a victim whose family will never see again, or a survivor of a non-fatal shooting who will never be the same," said Acting U.S. Attorney Jonathan F. Lenzner.

Throughout the investigation, authorities seized 15 firearms that were used and/or possessed by members of the gang.

The indictment is the second related to the investigation and seeks the forfeiture of any proceeds the gang made from their alleged criminal activity.

If convicted, the defendants charged with racketeering face a maximum of life in prison for the racketeering conspiracy. They all face a mandatory minimum of 10 years and maximum of life in federal prison for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

Officials say 14 of the 15 suspects are already in custody. Creek is on pre-trial release and is expected to surrender to federal authorities Thursday for an initial appearance scheduled at 1:00.

A total of 10 defendants charged in the previous indictments have pleaded guilty. Eight have already been sentenced to between three and 17 years in federal prison.