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Double dose of gas price increases in Maryland

Posted at 5:11 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-03 17:11:44-05

BALTIMORE — Gas is getting pricier every day, slowly but surely putting a bigger dent in your wallet.

It's now up to $3.75 a gallon on average in Maryland.

That's 8 cents higher than yesterday's average and nearly 20 cents higher than it was just last week.

Gas prices have gone up recently a lot. Some jumping up to 50 or 60 cents a gallon overnight. The supply chain, increased demand and of course the war in Ukraine is having a big impact on oil prices.

Historically, prices go up in the spring heading into summer travel and vacations. So with the problems in Europe and the usual increase, we are getting a double dose of price increases.

"Unfortunately it is certainly not out of reach to see average reaching four dollars a gallon probably in the not so distant future," said Ragina Ali with AAA Mid Atlantic.

Jim Hooper is a contractor. He does work on the Eastern and Western Shore, so he racks up some miles in his work truck. As gas prices go up, so does his stress worrying about his fuel budget.

"$1600 a month depending on where you're working on the Eastern Shore or across the bridge, tolls and everything else. You can't pass the price onto the consumers anymore because it's hard," he said.