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Court documents reveal how an on-duty Baltimore Police detective was carjacked at gunpoint

Posted at 11:11 AM, May 05, 2022

BALTIMORE — We are learning more about how a Baltimore Police detective was assaulted and carjacked at gunpoint while on duty Tuesday.

It happened around 6:11pm outside the 7-Eleven in the 2800 block of S. Hanover Street.

Detective Aaron Cain was leaving the store and about to get in his unmarked departmental vehicle in the parking lot, when three suspects approached him. At the time, Cain was not in uniform and was instead wearing a polo with the Baltimore City Police patch stitched on it.

One of the men, believed to be 23-year-old Trevon Gardner, is seen on surveillance video pulling what looks to be a gun from his waistband.

He then knocks Cain to the ground, and punches and kicks him before rummaging through his pockets.

The three men are then seen on camera getting in Cain's police car and speeding off.

As the suspects were fleeing, Cain got up and fired at least one gunshot in their direction.

The men ended up crashing and flipping Cain's City vehicle, about half-a-mile from the carjacking scene.

All three tried running away, but two of them including Gardner and a 16-year-old boy, were caught after a brief search.

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Police say Gardner was captured on camera running to the side of nearby Nick's Fish House, where he changed his clothes to try and disguise himself.

Court papers say Gardner actually took an apron belonging to the restaurant and put it on to throw detectives off.

Yet at the time of his arrest, Gardner happened to only be wearing one flipflop. The other matching one was discovered inside Cain's wrecked police car.

Next to that car was also a loaded handgun, which investigators believe is the same one Gardner was seen holding on camera while robbing Cain.

That gun appeared to have jammed or malfunctioned which prevented it from being fired at the time of the incident.

Police are still in search of the third suspect.

Gardner is being held without bail on a slew of charges and is next due in court on June 9.