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'Black Lives Matter' covers the street in Harbor Point

Posted at 11:30 AM, Jul 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-02 17:33:25-04

BALTIMORE — The call for equality echoed in Harbor Point Thursday morning as volunteers wrote and colored in 'Black Lives Matter' on the street.

"It's a reminder for people that we need to keep the conversation going. We need to continue the momentum and do what we can to push things forward," said Chima Dike, a volunteer and the VP of Portfolio Management for Constellation.

Constellation is a company in the energy industry focusing on the community. Several employees volunteered to help create the chalk message on the street.

A spokesperson for Constellation stressed that they believe every person plays a role in ensuring justice not just for ourselves but for the whole community.

Dike explained how they've had continued conversation about where we are in the world today but they wanted to take action. Thursday's drawing was action.

"We hope this is going to be a catalyst for other people to take action. Sometimes it takes one glance at a commercial or one glance at a chalk drawing or one glance at an advertisement," said Dike. "Sometimes small things can trigger action so were hoping this can be a catalyst. It can be a trigger and continue to help things moving."

Dike stressed how action is the hardest part but the most important piece to creating change. The other important pieces are dialogue and education.

"I think if we can continue just to have those breakthrough conversations, be vulnerable, share your story, share your perspective, ask questions. I think that's going to be a really big advancement for all of us," said Dike.

When it comes to education he added: "Lets make sure you're educating yourself and you understand the history. You understand the current state. You understand all of the reasons we are where we are. I think that dialogue, that education is going to be crucial to getting things to the next level."