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Birds preparing for migration

Posted at 5:51 PM, Sep 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-17 17:51:05-04

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Maryland mountains, we have thousands of beautiful birds around us.

Many of them are getting ready to head south. They fly right down the Atlantic flyway, which is right over Maryland.

It’s a long trip to South America and many don’t make it.

This is the Chester River Field Research Center. They band birds in the spring and fall during the annual migrations.

There are more birds in the fall because they had babies this spring and summer, so there are more around.

During the day, they may have a million birds fly over the state heading south. When there is a good tailwind, and the skies are clear, the number is much greater.

Now, more efficient, and brighter LED lights wreak havoc on bird navigation.

"Birds use the stars to migrate and so the light actually interferes with the navigation. It’s drawing them in, they want to go towards it, when it’s not getting them to where they need to go."

Turning off the lights around your house can help or there is a way to make a bigger impact.

"But if you're in charge of a business or a bigger building and you can turn off that light or you can talk to people who have the power to turn off that light, that would be even better."