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Baltimore teen and creator of "Dash Pouch" partners with music icon Timbaland

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Posted at 10:56 PM, Jul 23, 2021

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore teenager has partnered with a music icon to help take her business to the next level.

Amber Palm, 18, is teaming up with music producer Timbaland to help market her product called the "Dash Pouch."

“He said he was really touched by my product. It really spoke to him. He felt like there was a need for it," she said.

She announced the partnership on Instagram Wednesday. Palm said she's receiving more business since she began selling them last year.

“He allowed me to use his pictures and his name. That itself is giving me a lot of credibility and it’s getting me a lot more attention than I ever got in the last year."

The pouch's tri-fold design allows drivers to put their license, registration and insurance all in one place.

She created the pouch at the age of 14. Palm was inspired to invent it after a Minnesota police officer shot and killed Philando Castile during a traffic stop in 2016.

It was reported Castile was reaching for his driver's license when the officer shot him. Prior to the shooting, a witness said he told the officer he had a legally owned gun in the car.

She hopes her product will help save lives and make traffic stops safer for the driver and police.

“It’s not a perfect world," she said. "But at least do what you can to do to make it better and that’s exactly what I wanted to do make a change.”

For more information about Palm's product, you can visit her website here.