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Baltimore pastor attacked while preparing Back to School Drive for children

Posted at 5:34 PM, Aug 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-02 19:20:35-04

BALTIMORE — A Baltimore pastor working to change violence in his community became a victim of assault Monday evening.

Pastor Rodney Hudson, the leader of Ames Memorial United Methodist Church, described the moment he was attacked by a man and his son.

"It was very terrifying," Pastor Hudson said. "I never expected that. I never saw it coming and when it happened I thought I had been hit by a ton of bricks."

Hudson said that while preparing for the church's yearly Back to School Drive, scheduled for the end of August, he asked a man known for selling shoes on a private lot owned by the church if he would consider relocating on the day of the event.

Pastor assaulted in Baltimore

Pastor Hudson said that man refused and then called his son, and that’s when things turned violent.

“I said, 'we do want the lot available so we can give out free shoes and we would like, if maybe, you could go somewhere else on that day,'" Pastor Hudson said. "I just asked him for one day for August 27. I believe it was a threat of income and I believe that provoked an anger. I turned my head to talk to the father, the son was there, and before I knew anything, the son hit me in the jaw and knocked me cold out and they started beating me."

Baltimore pastor describes being attacked

That’s when someone called police to try and help defuse the situation.

“Police were called, but this only shows the heightened problems we have in Baltimore City with violence," Pastor Hudson said. "No one is exempt from it, especially clergy, person who works in the inner city and who are really trying to change communities."

That incident left Pastor Hudson with physical and emotional damage while leaving him concerned for his safety.

“I am concerned about my safety to be honest with you," Pastor Hudson said. "I would be lying to you if I tell you I just want God to protect me. I’m grateful that he didn’t have a gun because it could’ve ended another way."

Pastor Hudson filed a restraining order against the man and his son who assaulted him and yet still found it in his heart to extend grace.

“I love them with the love of Christ, but we have to teach our children to do better to resolve conflict and not to resort to violence,” Hudson said.