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Baltimore honors 'The Last Survivor of Pearl Harbor' in remembrance of the historic day

Posted at 5:33 PM, Dec 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-07 17:42:06-05

BALTIMORE — Tuesday afternoon the Historic Ships in Baltimore held their annual ceremony on the ship labeled “The Last Survivor of Pearl Harbor” in remembrance of the historic day.

Today marks 80 years since the attack on Pearl Harbor. During the annual event, organizers hosted an anniversary commemorating the ship while honoring thousands who died, as well as those who were wounded in the attack.

And, although it happened 8 decades ago the messages learned from that event still resonate today just like it did back then.

Organizers like Philip Niedermair, who’s a board member at the Historic Ships in Baltimore said the mission of this message was about unity and the importance of preservation.

“What was important was to bring notice to remember what happened and to remember where we stand as a nation. We stand as a nation today more divided than we have been in the past and we need to seek ways to unify and today ceremony was about unification,” Niedemair said.

Remembering what happened and what was accomplished were two of the primary focuses of the event, and Niedemair said there are still a lot of lessons to take away and apply to the future. And, as a community people need to step out of a pattern of failure and make the changes that matter most like helping one another.

“When we stick together not only do we save the world but we establish a peace legacy which continues to this day. Ensuring the opportunity that everybody has access to education and communities are more open. Looking forward in the future will allow us to gain strength from that experience so that we can once again flourish as a nation,” Niedemair said.

Organizers said they hope these ceremonies inspire future generations so they too can come together and keep these traditions going.