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Baltimore County man missing for nearly a month, wife suspects foul play

Baltimore County man missing for nearly a month, wife suspects foul play
Posted at 10:50 PM, Oct 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-15 23:12:04-04

BALTIMORE COUNTY, Md. — It’s been nearly a month since Alayna Singleton said her husband 22-year-old Faruq Osilalu was last seen.

“It’s been extremely hard,” she said. “We need him home.”

What makes it even harder is that Singleton gave birth to their first child together in April of this year. A month later, the couple got married.

“He’s an excellent father,” she said. “Hard worker. He’s a provider.”

Singleton said Osilalu is a driver for a transportation company called the Sedan Service in Baltimore.

She said he was giving someone a ride on the day he was last seen, but what happened to him after that remains a mystery.

“This isn’t like him at all,” she said. “He will never go missing for this amount of time and not tell anyone.”

Singleton said she officially reported him missing on September 27th. Two days later, police found his car—a 2013 Totoyta Avalon—on North Avenue in Baltimore.

It was pulled over, but Osilalu wasn’t behind the wheel. Instead, an unidentified driver and passenger.

Baltimore County Police confirm they were arrested and interrogated about Osilalu’s whereabouts.

But, police said they let them go because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge them.

“The story that they’re supposedly giving the detective of how they got it, it doesn’t make sense,” she said. “Why would a sedan driver rent their car to somebody if that’s how they make their money.”

Singleton is now in possession of his car.

She believes damage on it shows signs of foul play because the scrapes above the tire weren’t there before he went missing.

Singleton said she can’t understand why police would release the two people she thinks could possibly lead them to her husband.

Growing frustrated, she created a petition to call on state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby to press charges.

She’s holding out hope that Osilalu will be found and that justice will be served, but her fear for the worse grows with each passing day.

“The fear is yes that my five-month-old son will possibly have to grow up without his father,” she said.

Singleton said she is getting a group of people together to search for husband in Baltimore.

We did reach out to Osilalu’s job, but the company could not be reached.

As for police, they say there are no new updates on the case, but they say they are working hard to find him.