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As Moore takes office set on easing poverty, Baltimore family shelter hopes for upturn

Sarah's hope
Posted at 10:26 PM, Jan 19, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-20 03:50:38-05

BALTIMORE — Newly-inaugurated Governor Wes Moore has spoken at length about poverty, both on the campaign trail and in his speech at the state house this week.

"We know it is unacceptable that while Maryland has the highest median income in the country, one in eight of our children live in poverty," Moore said Wednesday.

In Baltimore, a local family shelter is hoping for good things with the new administration.

Sarah's Hope is one of three shelters operated by Saint Vincent de Paul in Baltimore. On its team is Chief Operating Officer Jarrell McRae, a Baltimore native and a past victim of child poverty.

"My mom was a single mom," McRae recounted, "and she did everything she could to ensure I was successful."

"Our constituents that we serve here are normal people," McRae said. "Moms and Dads, families who are just working to get back on their feet so they can be a productive citizen in our city and make our city great."

The aid this organization provides, shelter, meals and help with school, is a support system; as McRae described to WMAR-2 News, one many thought they’d never need.

McRae said some of Moore’s key proposals, including expanding public transit, job training, and renewing the Governor’s Office for Children, can help the people they serve.

"What we're seeing here are young people coming with their families, literally having nothing," said McRae. "And that being really at the forefront of their minds."

"We need everyone’s input, all hands on deck to tackle the next frontier of what it is to serve Baltimore," McRae added.