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Annapolis to hold tornado damage town hall tonight

Posted at 5:10 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 17:10:16-04

ANNAPOLIS — The tornado ripped through Annapolis with a vengeance leaving those affected with monumental tasks for the clean up. Mayor Gavin Buckley of Annapolis wants to contribute what he can.

"Right now people need help. We're gonna send in public works to lift up some huge tree," he said. "This is an old community so some of those trees are giant just getting those trees picked up, that's not in the resources of the average person, you need big equipment for that."

Heavy equipment is a good resource but people need help navigating one of the worst storms to hit Annapolis. So, the mayor will have a town meeting tonight at 6 for the public to come in for help.

The mayor has seen one main problem rise to the top of the list.

"I think housing for people who have lost their roof or had a tree fall on their house, so housing people is a big issue for us," he said.

As the clean up continues, business owners and residents are happy to have help navigating through such a difficult decision.

The meeting is at 6 p.m. at the Mt. Olive Community Life Center on Hicks at 2 Hicks Ave.