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Four birds, two snakes killed in Saturday fire at Plumpton Park Zoo

Posted at 1:07 PM, Jul 18, 2020

CECIL COUNTY, md. — Early this morning, at about 8 a.m. the reptile house at Plumpton Park Zoo caught fire.

A total of six animals have died including four birds, and two snakes.

The Zoo says some of their favorite animals died in the flames.

Veterinarians are accessing the health of the other animals that were rescued.

Community Fire Company of Rising Sun assisted with relocating animals, utilizing the pet oxygen masks on a few of the animals, and extinguishing of the fire.

Fire Crews were on the scene for approximately 1.5 hours. There is no word yet on the cause of the fire.

Plumpton Park Zoo is asking patrons to keep them in their thoughts.

The Zoo will remain closed today and all advanced tickets will be refunded or rescheduled.