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Alternatives for tropical storm Ida damage relief

Posted at 6:23 PM, Oct 13, 2021

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The remnants of tropical storm Ida left a path of destruction in Maryland.

Despite the damage from flooding, winds and a tornado we're still not getting help from the federal government.

Tropical storm Ida left a big path of destruction in Cecil and Anne Arundel Counties and Annapolis. It also left a hefty bill for all the repairs. Governor Larry Hogan requested financial help from FEMA. The request to the feds was denied.

"We need the governor to step up and declare a state of emergency here so that we can unlock different financial tools."

Governor Hogan already met with county executives and his staff to see what other options may be available. If the governor declares a state of emergency because of the tornado that can help in a few ways.

One source of help can come from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development. If a state of emergency is declared it could free up state money to help home owners who are under-insured or have no homeowners insurance at all.

Also, if a state of emergency is enacted, the volt program in Anne Arundel County could provide up to $1 million for businesses.

Annapolis Mayor Buckley is relieved we only had major structural damage.

The effects of a tornado are devastating enough to a community, but coming on the heels of a pandemic that just added to the problems.

"Those businesses were hurt by COVID. They have only just sort of got back on their feet and now to face this. We really need to help them," he said.

With nearly 100 properties impacted and five destroyed in Annapolis, Mayor Buckley says we need coordination from all sides.