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After six years of service, Penn North nonprofit preps for new facility

Posted at 6:07 PM, Aug 23, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-23 18:27:40-04

BALTIMORE — The lights, camera and action are all a part of a vision coming to fruition for the executive director of Unified Efforts, an out of school time program based in Baltimore's Penn North community.

"They deserve to be exposed to this kind of stuff, stuff that we were exposed to and I think what she's doing is just amazing," said Allan Charles, the founder of TBC in Baltimore.

The nonprofit program was planted after unrest surrounding the death of Freddy Gray in 2015.

Since then, students have been able to get on flight simulators, get swimming lessons and learn from professional musicians in the community all at no cost to parents.

"I've never played the violin so that was a fun activity to play because I never played it before," said Macih Mack, a student a part of the program.

Micih says he'll remember all the fun he's had so far including shooting their commercial; but, that's just part of the experience.

"We make sure our students are able to return back to school so they're not experiencing summer learning loss which is our mission statement as well," shared Deborah Ramsey, the executive director of Unified Efforts.

For years UE operated out of churches, libraries and community centers but soon, that's about to change.

"We are in the process of building our own home. We have been like nomads in the Penn North community which in a way was a blessing because it has given us time to establish relationships," Ramsey said.

They're hopeful with their new community center, they can impact even more families like the Mack family who not only has five children enrolled but their father working right there with them.

"Deliver the food to their homes, walk the kids home. When they come to pick their food up, I walk them back to the house," Troy Mack explained.

"When our children come into the doors they see siblings, classmates they see neighbors and a sense of familiarity which means they feel safe," said Ramsey.

So far, they've served over 120 students but with a new building, and more of their efforts being brought to light, even more families will benefit.

"It's something we need, the community needs and it's something that's really happening," Charles shared with excitement.

United Efforts is a nonprofit organization that depends on devoted donors.

For information on how you can help with their efforts in Baltimore visit their website