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A reflection on the year 2020

Posted at 5:41 PM, Dec 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-31 17:41:22-05

BALTIMORE — It started off good and then March came and our world stopped. The shut downs, the reopens, the shut downs again. It left us dizzy with all the changes.

"This 2020 I don't think was good for anybody."

It wasn't, save for a select few industries. Liquor and medical marijuana sales surged. It was also a big year for gun stores with many models and ammo hard to find.

In this dumpster fire of a year, many are looking for more of a controlled burn and to see this disaster put out. There was heartache on so many levels.

Separation from family may have been the hardest for us, but there was some good that came out of 2020.

"I'm thankful for the fact I'm still here and a lot of people I care about are still here. That's what I'm thankful for."

As the year 2020 winds down, the year has taught us a lot.

"A learning experience. Defiantly having to be patient with everything and just kind of learning from that."

So, we'll keep our chins up and our shoulders back and realize a new year brings eternal hope.