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A push to improve state climate change legislation in Annapolis

Posted at 5:16 PM, Feb 15, 2022

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — There's a renewed push in Annapolis to improve state climate change legislation.

A handful of people joined lawmakers on Lawyers Mall today in support of it.

Fracking, electric cars and solar power are included in these massive bills.

Delegates and supporters of climate change legislation gathered in front of the state house to show support for climate change legislation.

Lawmakers want to set standards for businesses and residents of Maryland to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce the use of natural gas so fracking will discontinue and projects to install renewable energy systems at low income households and schools, libraries and other public buildings.

It's a long and complicated bill but bill sponsor, Delegate Kumar Barve says it's needed.

"We need to make sure that we live in a world very shortly where everybody drives net zero vehicles and electric cars," Delegate Barve said.

A senate bill says the intent is to have 100 percent of passenger cars in the state vehicle fleet be zero emission cars by 2030.

As this group gathers here, others in Annapolis say climate change has been addressed and its time to move on to other legislation.

Delegate Kathy Szelliga says many of these bills have been addressed and lawmakers should be dealing with more pressing issues.

"We have people being gunned down in the streets of Baltimore City and that's what we need protesters here talking about, how do we change the narrative on crime, how do we keep people safe," Szelliga said.

The senate has focused on one big climate change bill while the house has broken their bill down to 4 smaller bills.