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12 year old shot in the chest over holiday weekend, expected to be okay

Posted at 5:44 PM, Jul 05, 2021

BALTIMORE — It was a busy holiday weekend for Baltimore City Police as they investigated multiple shootings with two of them, involving children.

One happened early Saturday morning, and sent a 12 year old to the hospital.

Neighbors call it an unsettling feeling to learn a 12 year old was in their neighborhood visiting his family and attending a block party when moments later, he was shot in the chest.

The July 4 weekend brought excitement to the area where Larissa Curry and her two sons live.

She expected the fireworks along with the extra visitors around but around 1:30 those loud pops began to sound a little different.

“Like a big KA-BOOM gunshot so that's what kind of put me on alert to have me look and figure out what's going on,” Curry explained.

What she saw next just outside of her window was chaos and that party scene would soon evolve into a crime scene.

“It was just everyone running around a couple of people screaming a lot of cars speeding past and it was just a lot of kids outside,” Curry said.

One of those kids, a 12-year-old boy would be hit by a stray bullet in the chest and rushed to the hospital.

Police say later on they learned a 20 year old was also shot in the leg that night which definitely put Curry on edge being just feet away from where it happened.

“I have two small children myself young boys and I would think this community would be a little more tight knit than it is. it definitely made me become more aware of my surroundings around here and try to protect my babies better,” said Curry.

But she was happy to see a stronger police presence from BPD near her home earlier Monday afternoon hopeful they don't let up.

"I’m hoping they continue to keep their presence around and not wait until another child gets shot,” she said.

WMAR-2 News has been in contact with the 12 year old's family and they tell us he's expected to be okay.

Baltimore police are looking for more information regarding this shooting. If you have that, contact metro crime stoppers.