Glenwood Middle students moving after fire

Posted at 4:28 PM, Jan 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-07 23:41:55-05

There will be no school Friday for students who attend Glenwood Middle School in Howard County. 

Glenwood Middle is the same school that's been in the news this year because of mold issues that parents said should have been fixed a long time ago. 

On Tuesday, a fire sent smoke throughout the building, students and staff were evacuated. The clean-up has already taken several days. 

"The fire actually started underground, an underground electrical wire blew a transformer," said John White, a spokesman for the Howard County Public School System. 

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School officials now say they've cleared the building of mold, and in this case, they say the fire had nothing to do with the mold problem. 

The school, located at 2680 Route 97 in Howard County, has been closed since the fire. Officials are using the extra days off to go through and check the environment inside the building, before the 500 students are let back in.

"We've had industrial health professionals in the building since the beginning," White said. "So they're helping the cleanup and testing of all the environmental issues."

The building will be closed Friday, and then on Monday, all the students have been told to report to Bushy Park Elementary School in the morning. 

Sixth graders will spend the day there, seventh graders will be bussed to Dayton Oaks Elementary School for the rest of the day, and eighth graders will be bussed to Marriotts Ridge High School. More details are on Glenwood Middle's website. 

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