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The Backseat app helping prevent child hot car deaths

Posted at 12:40 AM, Jun 10, 2018

Temperatures are rising, making it even more important for people to take extra precautions against the heat. A new app, called The Backseat, is aiming to prevent the possibility of children getting hurt while sitting in a hot car.

The app activated when the driver begins a trip and the speed of the car goes above 20 miles per hour. After indicating that there is a child in the car, the app leaves a message telling the driver they will be reminded again after their trip is over. 

The app sets a reminder alarm that goes off after the car has stopped moving. If the user ignores the alert, a loud alarm will go off and repeated notifications will show up on the cell phone. If for some reason the alarm keeps going off, the alarm will alert three additional contacts that are saved into the app. 

The Backseat was created by Erin J. O'Conner from Arizona. He created the app after learning about two children who died in after being left in hot cars. The goal was to prevent similar tragedies from happening.

Four in Your Corner spoke with parents in Cape Coral who were out with their children. Many of them felt it was a good idea, but didn't think they would be using the app. 

Tha Backseat is available for both Apple and Android devices.