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Organ donations: Stats growing, impact local

Posted at 3:28 PM, Jul 14, 2014

Eighteen people die each day in the USA waiting for a transplant.

More than a quarter of organs recovered for donation in Maryland last year were discarded.

Nathan Sebo, of Baltimore County, was only nine when he went through the biggest surgery of his life-- a double organ transplant.

When it comes to organ donations, the stats are growing. The impact is local.

For two months the team at ABC2 looked at the complexities that surround organ donations.

Our stories include a variety of interviews with recipients, donor families and experts who work in the field.

From spiritual opposition to growing wait times, this series explored the changing landscape of transplants and how it has evolved in the last decade.

We invite you to learn more about organ donations and the impact they have on every person involved.


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