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Hogan: American Rescue Plan Act to lower Maryland healthcare costs

Study: Roughly 12 million Americans have lost health insurance during the pandemic
Posted at 12:09 PM, Apr 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-01 12:09:10-04

ANNAPOLOIS, Md. — Following passage of the American Rescue Plan Act, Governor Larry Hogan says health plan costs in Maryland will be lowered.

Previously, individuals earning roughly $50,000 or families of four making $100,000 did not qualify for financial assistance toward private insurance.

Now the state says they do.

For example, a family of four with an annual household income of around $112,000 can now receive $306 per month in savings to pay for their monthly premiums.

Many of those who already received federal tax credits to help with their premiums are now be eligible for additional savings.

A few dollars a month can also now buy unemployed workers health insurance.

Additionally, beginning April 1 the federal government will pay 100% of premiums for COBRA through September 30.

Those who did not enroll during their 60-day window can still elect to receive COBRA if they are within their 18-month eligibility.

Under the changes, no household will any longer pay more than 8.5 percent of its income toward health insurance premiums.

To enroll, see your savings, or to learn if you qualify click here. Free help is available by calling 855-642-8572.