Talking to your children about sex

(WMAR) -
"You absolutely need to have the talk because if you don't  have the talk, the schools are going to do it for you and then the conversations that follow up from that, are friends."
It's typically around middle school when kids learn about sex in health education.
Mia Redrick, the Mom Strategist says that's when it's time for parents to be prepared. 
When they're younger.
"Only answer what is being asked."
When they're in middle to high school you have to be more direct.
"Sometimes parents are talking about one type of sex and your kids don't necessarily qualify oral sex for example as sex."
Talk about prevention.
"Contraception, you want to talk about HIV and STD's.  You also want to talk about prevention, right, and pregnancy.  You don't want your kids learning these things from their friends."
With everyone having a smartphone these days, you also have to assume they've seen pornography.
"You can't pretend your child doesn't know anything about it, never heard anything about sex.  I think you need to be clear.  You need to be direct and you need to be specific about how they can keep themselves safe."
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