'Mindful eating' could help cut holiday calories

Posted at 11:19 AM, Dec 23, 2015

It’s no secret this time of year can add some extra pounds to the scale.

But, Rebecca Denison, Doctor of Integrative Medicine at GBMC, has some tips to try and avoid those extra calories around the holidays.

She says before you grab for that piece of cake, keep in mind the first three bites are where you get that satisfaction from. She also says it’s important to practice "mindful eating."

“Mindful eating is a concept that you’re paying a lot of attention to what you’re doing and you’re not eating unconsciously and that helps with the first three bites tasting really good and portion control,” says Denison.

Denison also says make sure you’re eating slowly. It takes about ten minutes for your stomach to communicate to your brain that you’re full.