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Day In The Life- GBMC Spiritual Support Services

Posted at 3:47 PM, Oct 30, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-26 23:53:49-05

The spiritual support team at GBMC strives to offer support to patients of all religious backgrounds.

Reverend J. Joseph Hart heads a team that comprises two full time staff members, twenty-five volunteer chaplains, twenty-five Catholic Eucharistic ministers, and seventy-five other volunteers.  

The team is there for support, not to change or influence beliefs. “We aren’t here with an agenda for the patient.  We are here to learn from their wisdom, experience, and desire, and how they wish to be supported,” says Hart. “We’re here to listen to patients so that we may understand where they’re coming from.”

PHOTOS: GBMC Spiritual Support Services

GBMC provides diverse worship opportunities for patients, staff, and family members of different faiths. There are weekly Protestant and Catholic communion services, and prayer rugs and Friday services are available for Islamic faiths. The team also provides a Kosher pantry and Sabbath services.

Patients who cannot attend chapel services are invited to watch and participate via the spiritual TV channel at the hospital, and loved ones who wish to pray for a patient can stay connected via monitors in the chapel.

The Diversity Inclusion Council aims to be sensitive to the religious, ethnic, cultural, and dietary needs of patients, employees, and family members so all feel welcome.



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